Working as a ghostwriter for most of my life after graduating from college, I realized one thing: there are many companies working in the online writing industry. So many, that it is proving difficult to choose the best writing services out there. Basically, they all advertise the same thing: high-quality writings, experienced writers, and so on. So how does one make a difference?

I had the same struggle at some point when I had to order a few papers online. It’s not because I did not know how to write my own essay; it was because I did not have time. Most of those essays were used for research, but I had to work a decent bit until I found some worthy websites – ones that actually used college-level resources.

By reading various top essay writing reviews, I managed to narrow it down to some services – and then I kept narrowing it even more by using them myself. At some point, I already knew what to look for in an essay writing service even before I placed the order. This would save me a lot of money as a student when money was scarce enough as it was. Back then, I would write essays for my college mates in exchange for some extra cash – which is also how I got my experience in essay writing. I wouldn’t really have time to write my own – but this doesn’t mean I wasn’t learning how to do it.

After graduating, I realized two things. The first one was that I would really love to continue writing; the second one was that there would always be students going through the same struggle that I did – which is why I went from ghostwriting to paper writing service reviews. This way, I could share my knowledge with all those interested – therefore preventing any bad grades from happening.


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